Stephen Howard Naegle
American Watercolor Artist
The Works of Stephen Naegle - Masters Thesis
Utah State University, Logan, Utah
Masters Thesis found on Microfilm 10/06

Liz Lawyer, Journalism student at Utah State University (USU), responds to a call to the
Journalism Department for a story and research on USU Graduate, Stephen Naegle,

In an email, Liz does a quick report on her progress.  She runs into a bit of red tape
accessing five works in the Archives of the Museum.  While investigating that, she locates
on microfilm Stephen's Masters Thesis.  It is titled
Plant Forms and Weathered
Houses in Watercolor

She mentions two of twenty watercolors reproduced in poor quality within the thesis are
Thicket Series paintings, for which Stephen is known.  A mother lode of information
appears to be available in this thesis.  Thanks to Liz, who is also the current
Editor-in-Chief of the online USU student publication The Utah Statesman.
University of Southern Utah
Remembering a great artist and friend
Copyright 2004 - 2006
All Rights Reserved
Thicket -1 1968

In September 2006 a Utah State University student, Liz Lawyer, did a
short story about Stephen Naegle's work and how this site was
documenting his artwork.  She found Stephen's Masters Thesis on
Microfilm.  She mentions a couple of the grainy black and white images
appeared to be thicket paintings.  When these two paintings appeared
in my screen after unzipping the email, well, I immediately knew these
images should be placed here under the Masters Thesis page.

Naegle Family Collection slide or digital media.
David Naegle, Utah Trip #2, October 2006
Used with permission.
Thicket - 3 1968

No, this painting is not in the masters thesis, but I will leave it on
this page now just for comparison to Thicket - 1 1968.  There is a
painting by the Name Thicket 3 in the thesis, but this is not it.
Wow, I just realized how much these paintings are alike, possibly
the same subject with different emphasis or technique?

Naegle Family Collection slide or digital media.
David Naegle, Utah Trip #2, October 2006
Used with permission.
Masters Thesis arrives today in the mail.  December 11, 2006  It is a very poor copy
from a microfilm of photographs of twenty-two works done for the masters of Fine Arts Degree

Here are the paintings from the catalog:  1.  Thicket I  2.  Thicket  3.  Barn in Winter  4.  
Tumbleweeds  5.  Last Season  6.  6th W 2nd S  7.  Milkweed  8.  Rhodes Corner  9.  Gable  
10.  Sage Flat  11.  Stump  12.  Cottonwood  13.  Pines I  14.  Pines  15.  Weeds  16.  
Stream  17.  Wood Siding I    18.  Wood Siding  19.  Spikes  20.  Mahogany  21.  Winter  22.  

Signees on the thesis:  Gaell Lindstrom, Major Professor; Harrison Groutage and Everett
Thorpe, Graduate Committee Members; and E. J. Gardner, Dean of Graduate Studies, Utah
State University.  

Acknowledgement:  Stephen H. Naegle Master's Thesis is on file at the Merril - Cazier
Library, Utah State University, Logan Utah.  (This information is subject to the patron's
agreement required before release of documents from the library.)  
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