Stephen Howard Naegle
American Watercolor Artist
The Works of Stephen Naegle - A Catalogue, Page 70
Remembering a great artist and friend
Copyright 2004 - 2010
All Rights Reserved

326.  Boom Town - Gone Bust

A watercolor depicting four row houses in an abandoned mining town or
other endeavor.  These were common out West, railroads, mines and other
ventures sprang up then dissipate as times go lean and a living is no longer
possible at the venture.  At the time, Mr. Naegle was living in Southern Utah
around Toquerville and then his first years of college at Cedar City.  This
medium sized painting is signed and dated 1963.

Used with Permission
Benson Family Collection
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325.  Out Behind the Cabin

A missed phone call and a phone message alerted me that
another Naegle Watercolor was recognized as Fine Art.  It was in
a flea market in New Jersey.  The owner sends along this image
of what appears to be the backside of a small cabin.  A large
wooden structure may be a privy or a packing crate, I'm not sure.
Used with Permission
Lucas Family Collection
Special thanks to David Naegle for deskewing this image using
327.  Feather Art by Stephen Naegle

In an email March 9, 2010 comes word of a work of Art in
Tuscon, AZ,  known by the brother of the artist.

This placeholder is to acknowledge that at one point this
artwork existed and a photo is sought for display here on  TIA  bd
Left:  Thumbnail of original emailed
photo of Out Behind the Cabin

Right:  Detail of the signature of Out
Behind the Cabin
Here is the original image sent via email.  It gives an
idea of how David Naegle is able to manipulate the
parallax issues and even correct for color to a degree,
in this case the whites appeared yellow or dull.  One
could only be sure it was close to correct by viewing it
beside the original.  So here it is just for comparison
and thanks to David for the many hours he's invested
in correcting images of his Uncle Stephen's work.
Third post of this image after David
works on it again.  Will likely pick one
and eventually trim this page allowing
emphasis to incoming work as below.  
Thank you David once again, bd
328.  Hurricane Jet Engine Test - Pencil Drawing

A recent email contact said he went to school with Stephen and has a class drawing
Stephen did of a jet engine sucking him up and spitting out body parts of him out the
back.  Obviously a response to Page 18 and the 1955 Government test track atop
Hurricane Mesa and the occasional engine test which could be heard all the way to
their Hurricane High School he said.  I hope he shares that little drawing.
329.  Aspen Trees

An email inquiry as to value of her painting comes April 5, 2010.  Judy H.
tells of a fairly rare oil painting done by Stephen Naegle of "aspen trees in
beautiful yellow and orange colors".  Thanks Judy for telling us of your
painting.  A lady in a retirement center gave Judy this painting, along with a
flyer or an art show it was a part of or a newspaper clipping.  We'd be
tickled to put up a copy of that too Judy.  Thanks so much.

Used with Permission
Judy H. Family Collection
This is the original photo of Aspens.
After some work by David Naegle, the first image is color and contrast
corrected via Photoshop.  Both are great images, the first one above
as you can see is more vivid.  Thanks again David!