Stephen Howard Naegle
Watercolor Artist
The Works of Stephen Naegle - A Catalogue, Page 7
43. Range Cabin
This 17 by 22" watercolor painting by Stephen H. Naegle won First Place at the New
Mexico Art League Show in the Albuquerque Civic Auditorium.  In addition to the first place
award, this painting took the Purchase Award.  This information is from a newspaper
clipping on April 11, 1964 Albuquerque, New Mexico.  October, I may have found the owner
of Range Cabin, if so, a color image may be possible soon.
44 Plus.  Paintings Sold to Malcolm E. Collier
Mr. Collier was President of the First Federal Savings and Loan
Association in Denver, Colorado.  A newspaper article published in
Albuquerque, New Mexico on April 11, 1964 quotes Stephen Naegle
as having sold several works to Mr. Collier for the Savings and
Loan.  Duly noted for anyone having info on these works please
contact me:  Thanks in advance.
45.  The Jester

This oil painting is an early work from 1958.  Most likely it is an
art assignment for a college art class.  It is signed which tells me
at the time Stephen did it, he was quite proud of it. This painting
signature is very much like Butterflies painting signature.  
Saddest jester I ever saw.
46.  Homeplace

A single-family dwelling as described by David Naegle was scanned years ago and saved onto
a Jazz Drive.
The format is described as a little used SGI which preceded the now widely used JPEG format.
We can only hope either the original turns up during our searching or the key to reading this
format is found.
Good luck David and thanks for telling us about this image which may be another Stephen
Naegle painting or not.  September '06
47. and 48.  Two Works Returned to Family
On September 11, 2006 I phoned 87 year old Art
Professor Emeritus Gaell Lindstrom.  He informed me
that he sent two of Stephen's works back to the Naegle
family.  Both approximately 16 by 20 inch watercolors
were done during Stephen's time at the College of
Southern Utah, now Southern Utah University.
49.  The Tractor
This watercolor is a small work, 6 1/2" high and 8 1/2" wide, and
arrived in the mail this week, September 29, 2006.  Stephen did
this, most likely, the last year he was at the College of Southern
Utah, in Cedar City.  It is in the collection of his former instructor,
Professor Emeritus Gaell Lindstrom.  87 years young.  
Gaell for sharing this work with us, Bruce
Remembering a great artist and friend
Copyright 2004 - 2007
All Rights Reserved
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