Stephen Howard Naegle
American Watercolor Artist
The Works of Stephen Naegle - A Catalogue, Page 69
Remembering a great artist and friend
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All Rights Reserved

322.  Large Home with Porch

This 22 by 16 inch watercolor is of a large house with a porch.  It has a
chimney with a shadow of a limb.  A winter tree is prominent in the painting
as well.  Colors are predominantly black and gray.  Stephen began
numbering his paintings and this may be his twelfth painting.  The number 12
is found on the back of the work.  Of the two Misel Naegles, one painting
came from the Anderson side of the family.  The other from a librarian who
let Stephen display his work at the library.  The number system Stephen
used early  in his career was simply numbering the work in order.  It is
possible, that Stephen began the numbering of his college art work, there in
Cedar City, Utah.

Used With Permission
Misel Family Collection
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321.  Little Brown House

This small 8 by 10 1/2 inch watercolor is an early
Naegle.  The little brown house is in the middle of a
snowy scene.  In the distance are some other less
prominent houses.  This painting was numbered 18 on
the cardboard rear backing.

Used with Permission
The Misel Family
324.  Storm over Red Mountain

"My folks had a home in Rio Verde, Arizona and we drove by Storm
Mountain on the way from Phoenix.  The painting back only revealed the
name of the painting."  These 2 pieces were purchased in Denver,
Colorado about 1981 and hung in our reception area until 1987.  A
downturn in the oil industry forced the closing of that office.  They are
hung now in my home in Canada."
Paraphrase of email April 2008

This framed painting is 30 by 23 overall.
Actual image estimated to be 22 by 15.

Used with Permission
Hook Family Collection

Thanks again to Dave Naegle for help with the image.
323.  Spring Rain

An Arizona landscape of desert and low buttes.  The saquaro,
scrub brush and grasses in the foreground with craggy buttes in
the background in muted watercolor.  Very much an overcast day
and a rare Spring rain

Frame size:  37 1/2 by 30 1/2 inches,
Actual painting is estimated to be 27 by 21.

Used with Permission
Hook Family Collection

Thanks to Dave Naegle for help with the image.

Here are the original images as submitted.  I thought it might
be fun to see what Dave is able to do with photoshop, so here
they are.  The donor of these images offered to take more
pictures and we are always game to get a very realistic image
of the art.  Many thanks to the Hook Family in Canada and to
Dave too.  Click the image thumbnail to get a larger size image.