Stephen Howard Naegle
American Watercolor Artist
The Works of Stephen Naegle - A Catalogue, Page 67
Remembering a great artist and friend
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All Rights Reserved
313.  Paid Out

Image is of an abandoned mine.  The name reflects the sentiments of what
used to be.  The day always come when it's paid out.   Sent via email on
August 12, 2007.  Thanks Ray for sharing your Naegle, #7862.  Stephen's
62nd painting of 1978.  

The watercolor painting is 10 by 14 inches.  It carries Stephen's signature on
the lower left and the AWS moniker, The American Watercolor Society to
which he became a member in 1979.

This painting comes at a time when six miners are trapped in a mine cave-in
in Stephen's home state of Utah.  Our thoughts are with them and their

From the Private Collection of Ray Kowrach
Used with Permission
314.  Untitled, cabin with firewood

Ray Kowrach tells me he attended a showing at Stephen's Studio in
Casper Wyoming in 1979.  It was there he purchased Paid Out shown as
number 312 above.  The studio was on the backside of the Nicolaysen Art
Museum at 104 Rancho Road in Casper.  The Show and Sale was held
December 8, 1979 from 4:00 to 9:00 PM.  All of this information comes from
Ray and the brochure he saved these 28 years.

This painting with no name is shown on the brochure.

From the Private Collection of Ray Kowrach
Used with Permission
Art Show Brochure

From a show held in Casper Wyoming.  Sent by Ray Kowrach.  Thanks.

From the Private Collection of Ray Kowrach, Wyoming
Used with Permission
No Source Listed, Naegle Clipping

This clipping was sent to me by Raymond Kowrach and depicts Stephen in the
Studio.  I happen to recognize the painting from the work published in Masters
of Western Art.

The painting he is working on is Frontier Creek and it is located on pages 154
and 155 of the book.

Montana Homestead above is also in the book on page 155.

From the Private Collection of Ray Kowrach
Used with Permission
Stephen working on Frontier Creek
Larger version of Montana Homestead
from the clipping sent by Raymond Kowrach.
A Thank You Note from Monty and Steve

Ray Kowrach shares this note he received after attending the Studio Opening
and Show in Casper and buying the watercolor Paid Out.
December 8, 1979

From the Collection of Raymond Kowrach
Used with Permission
315.  Anderson Barn - Toquerville

Thanks to Patricia Naegle Close for making the effort to share this Naegle
watercolor.  Oral family history relates this to be the Anderson Barn of
Grandma Naegle's family the Andersons.  Size is 23 by 15 inches
Used by permission
Shirl Naegle Collection
Special thanks to David Naegle for working to deskew this image for display.
Anderson Barn Signature Detail
Stephen Naegle
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