Stephen Howard Naegle
Watercolor Artist
The Works of Stephen Naegle - A Catalogue, Page 5
Wash Day in Toquerville.
The above photo was taken by Dorothea Lange, Photographer.  It is from
the Online Archive of California circa 1953.  
The little girl is Stephen
Naegle's sister, Lynda.
 Since I didn't have Carol's image of Wash Day in
Albuquerque, I wanted to put this image up temporarily.   I like it enough to
leave it.  David Naegle shared this wealth of
Lange photos.  Turns out if
you read the Archive, that she worked with Ansel Adams the famous
landscape photographer.
32.  The Wash Line
For the first 16 years, the owner didn't know she had this painting.  Carol Hause
Smith, was having Stephen Naegle's watercolor painting, The Mill reframed  in
1980 and matted.  She received an urgent call from the studio to please come
down at once. Concerned she drove back to the gallery.

Several thoughts ran through her mind, but it all became clear when she saw
the Naegle painting on the reverse side of The Mill.  Stephen painted two
paintings on the same paper.  
He had judged Wash Line unworthy of his
signature or any acknowledgement.
 The painting was already framed and
the Wash line covered when Carol received it.  Oh, my, Carol, what a treasure!
Thank you so much for your generous heart to share. The photos and article
arrived today, September 5, 2006
See The Mill, #19 on Page 3)
33. Elkhorn Etching
Here is an email excerpt from David Naegle Aug 30, 2006:  "I actually have an
example of his etching, called "Elkhorn" if memory serves.  I'll try to remember
to photograph it and send it to you.  It looks to be of some old mining
buildings."  An etching from the Collection of David Naegle in Sepia tone.  
Many thanks David from all of us who get to enjoy ths work of your uncle,
Stephen Naegle.
Portrait of the Artist, Stephen H. Naegle
Pallette and brush in hand, a European-styled cap adorns the bearded painter.
From the collection of David Naegle
34. Barns and Horses
Mary Stoltz came up with this painting Sept. 1, 2006.  It has three horses
standing to the side of an old dilapidated barn.  A large tree graces the right
side of the old barn, branches overstretching the roof.  In the background
are two additional smaller barns in the landscape.

A letter arrives from Southern Utah University.  Mary MacDonald contacted
the Archivist at Gerald R. Sheratt Library for permission to post this picture.  
It came today November 11, 2006.  Thanks Mary S., Mary M. and SUU.  bd
35. Fish on a Plate
This 11 by 14" oil  painting has very deep rich
color in this common  subject matter.  This is one
of eight paintings sent by a former student and
artist Dean Shelton on September 3, 2006.  Thank
you for sharing these Dean.  
36. Asleep
The muted colors and play of light add intrigue to this
signed Naegle oil painting.  This 5 1/2 by 7 1/2" painting
is from the collection of Dean Shelton.  Dean purchased
if from Stephen while on a trip to Casper, Wyoming.
37.  Industrial Zone
Watercolor of an industrial edge of the town.  This signed
Naegle evokes thoughts of robust days of commercial
endeavor.  Traded for in Casper, Wyoming, it is 10 by 14".  
From the collection of Dean Shelton.
Permisson sought to display the Dorothea Lange Photo
of Stephen's sister Lynda holding a quilt out on display.
Located in the Online Archive of California.
Remembering a great artist and friend
Copyright 2004 - 2007
All Rights Reserved
Mary MacDonald displays Barns and Horses by
Stephen Naegle
during the Cedar City Utah Art Show and Sale about
1960.  This picture is the under copyright of the  
Southern Utah University, Sherratt Library, Special
Collections, Jeanne Bethers Collection.
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