Stephen Howard Naegle
Watercolor Artist
The Works of Stephen Naegle - A Catalogue, Page 4
26.  The Chevron Station

On February 26, 2006 I was contacted by Stephen's nephew David in
California.  We had an enjoyable volley of emails back and forth.  He offered
this painting to put up on the webcatalogue of his Uncle Stephen's work.  It is
indeed a privilege to post and acknowledge this delightful painting.  
Naegle Family Collection
Used with permission.
27.  Southern Utah Vista

This painting is in acrylic.  It is signed and dated 1962.  It exhibits great
style and command of the medium.  Is it spontaneous? Not really.  Is it just
like all Stephen's other work?  No, but that is simple, it's not a watercolor.
Naegle Family Collection.
Three Details of Southern Vista
1.  L to R, full painting with frame,
2.  signature detail, Naegle 62,
3.  mountain and clouds detail
28.  Southern Utah Vista, Number Two
A signed work as well, this Utah landscape is incredible.  The owner says this is exactly how
Southern Utah looks.   This signed Naegle is dated 1962.  
Naegle Family Collection, used with permission.

Click on the painting on the left to
see three details of this Southern
Utah Vista Two
29.  South Window

Portions of vacant dwellings of the West attracted Naegle's attention as a
subject.  An exterior view of a window.  Shadow and plant details overlapping
the window plus reflections off the glass.  Watercolor, 21" tall by 14" wide,
Detail from the roof shows scalloped wooden shingles.  The wooden siding of
the house appears unpainted and weathered.  Black and White image of this
painting is on page 84 of Masters of Western Art by Nelson.

Naegle Family Collection, slide or digital image, #7883.
Used with permission.
David Naegle, Utah Trip #2, October 2006
31.  Fall Thicket
This is the type of painting Stephen was most famous for, his thickets.  
During his Masters he did some like this one.  
David tells me that this
picture was a wedding present from his uncle.
 Used with Permission.
Naegle Family Collection
30.  John C. Naegle Winery, Oil, 1954

Toquerville, Utah  As a youth, Stephen Naegle was drawn to paint an
ancestor's winery in Toquerville.  
Oil painting above done by sixteen year old Stephen.
Utah Trip #1, David Naegle, October 2006
Used with permission.
Stephen later did a pen and ink drawing of this subject.
Remembering a great artist and friend
Copyright 2004 - 2007
All Rights Reserved
Photo:  Dorothea Lange, 1953, Online Archive of California
Permission sought from Online Archives of California to display
this image
of a young Stephen Naegle holding his painting of the winery.
Dorothea Lange Collection.

View this image on The OAC, #LNG53305.6
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