Stephen Howard Naegle
American Watercolor Artist
The Works of Stephen Naegle - A Catalogue, Page 3
15.  Portrait of Lenard
Done in Casper Wyoming in 1975, this is one oil painting among
innumerable watercolors that was Naegle's main medium.  Bearded and
the subject appears stoic in the formal setting of the
studio, and is quite handsome.
16. and 17.  New Mexico Friends

offered pictures eventually of these two Naegle watercolors.  I
know they were in the process of moving from Texas back to
Santa Fe, New Mexico last fall of 2005 and had an unexpected
loss in early 2006.  
18.  Rustic Stately House
in the woods.  This watercolor was framed and had wonderful light
streaming in from the windows showing it's brown beauty.  A fine
example of Naegle's ability to find and paint beauty.
19.  The Mill.
This is an entry found on the commercial art website, which I have no reason to
doubt, especially since I recently learned from Masters of Western Art that Naegle was stationed in
Albuquerque New Mexico for a time while in the military.

8/24/2005  C. Smith, or C. Hause
I am the proud owner of The Mill the painting that Stephen Naegle displayed at the New York World's
Fair. I purchased it from him when he lived in Albuquerque and was in the Army.  Would love to hear
from other owners of his art.

This entry now appears to have been deleted, but it is a part of the Naegle Works - Catalogue
8/30/2006  An excited message from Carol Hause Smith was on my machine when I got
 It seems after a near miss a year ago, Carol and I connected.  She tells me of the painting
she purchased from PFC Stephen H. Naegle on the Sandia Army Base in Albuquerque New Mexico in
The Mill is actually an old mine at Madrid just north of Albuquerque.  We enjoyed a great
long phone conversation with promises to share our Naegles with each other and, of course, you.    
Also see
Number 32 on Page 5 of the catalogue for a big surprise.
19.  The Mill
The Mill, named so by Stephen Naegle himself.  This old building was factual and is actually
located at an old mine North of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  In todays mail, September 5, 2006,
Carol Smith's letter containing an article and two photographs.  One of those photos above is
his Mill.  Thank you Carol for sharing with us.  
Special Page of the Mill
21.  Beautiful Young Woman

I have no clue who this young woman was or if it was anyone.  She
was pretty, that's mainly what I remember.  Drawing limited to head
and neck of the subject.  It was a pencil drawing on white paper,
maybe just in a notepad of drawing paper.  But it sticks in my mind,
because it was well done, very attractive work and subject.  No image,
it's in my head, possibly a student. 1971 (Russellville, Arkansas)

22. The Bay Window,  23. The Precipice,  24. Thicket by a Pond

Mary Stoltz contacted me via email:  June 11, 2006.
She offered to send pictures of her three Naegle watercolor paintings.

Here is an excerpt of her description of these three works,
"A dear friend of mine bought them when he and Stephen Naegle were completing their degrees
together in Logan.  
The set is a bit of a triptych, or I have always displayed them that
with a large deserted cabin as the center piece, a rock precipice on one side and a thicket
by a pond on the other. They still have the original frames and matting done by Stephen."
22. The Bay Window

A watercolor painting and signed by Naegle.  
Thanks to Mary Stoltz for sharing this
wonderful, rich example of Stephen's paintings.
23. The Precipice

Signed in the lower right this painting is one of a triplet of
paintings owned by Mary Stoltz.  These are early
paintings from the time in Naegle's life when he was a
student at Logan Utah.  Purchased by a fellow student
and friend who gave them to Mary.  I hope I got that right.
24.  Pond Thicket
Thickets such as this one, are a theme recurring in Naegle's
work.  I dare say thickets and light into dark and dark into light
transitions are two of his stock in trade effects.  This landscape
is part of the Mary Stoltz collection.  Thank you Mary.  bd

20.  Mission

The Mission in Bapchule Village, Arizona, from page 87, Masters of Western Art,
author Mary Carol Nelson, Publisher Watson/Guptill New York.  This painting is done
as a demonstration of technique for this book.  It includes multiple images of the
painting as it progresses to completion.  The Spanish Mission architecture of the
church is adorned with a crucifix at it's pinnacle.  The stucco building is impressive in
size adjacent to smaller buildings to each side.  The Western landscape uses a
muted pallete.

Permission sought from the publisher or owner to display photo image.
Remembering a great artist and friend
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