Stephen Howard Naegle
American Watercolor Artist
The Works of Stephen Naegle - A Catalogue, Page 23
125.  Deep Red Leaves in Water

This large watercolor was done about 1972.  Stephen masterfully painted
leaves from gum trees which display greatly vivid reds and yellows in Arkansas
in the Fall.

Some of the leaves are on the surface of the water, others have succumbed
and settled to the bottom of the clear standing water.  This is one of Stephen's
most moving pieces.  I hope to see it again.  What amazes me is how that
simply by thinking about Stephen and his work, much of what I was exposed to
has come back to me.

Another thing that is completely interesting to me is the age of the persons I've
been in contact with in the past month of October, 2006.  Many are in their mid
to late eighties.  And sharp, oh my goodness, it's been a great highlight of my
life to do this research into Stephen's work.
Remembering a great artist and friend
126. - 148.  Utah Trip #1 by David Naegle

In an email, David, Stephen Naegle's nephew reveals a bulk cache of Stephen's work is
photographed on October 21, 2006.  David said he captured 23 works on his camera.  
Here is a place holder noting these Naegle Works.  Thank you many times over for your
persistance.  Stephen Naegle's art will be known by a wider audience.  For that and for
the many to some day view this Works Catalogue, Thanks, David.
126.  Butte Apartments

Watercolor of an interesting apartment building with
lots of double columns .  20 by 13 1/2 inches.
Naegle Family Collection
128.  Sheep Skull

Watercolor of a sheep skull lying on the ground.
12 by 8 1/2 inches.
Naegle Family Collection
Used with permission.
Copyright 2004 - 2007
All Rights Reserved
124.  Mushrooms by Tree Root

watercolor with deep rich and dark blue hues of the forest.  On page
one is a mushroom painting.  It is not the one I remember.
that makes me wonder if I was mistaken when this person purchased
her painting of which one she was speaking.  Stephen would often
have some of his own paintings in his office at the school.  
Immediately upon seeing Mushrooms in Glory, I thought, "This is not
it!"  Matter of fact, I don't remember the painting this patron of the
Arts owned and shared.

I add this painting as one I vividly remember.  It was a large
painting and the large root of the tree extended right to left.  The
colors were deep and dark navy blues.  I remember a color called
Thalo Blue, it was deep and rich.  By contrast, the Mushrooms were
stark white in contrast.  I'm looking, if you have a Naegle Mushroom
Watercolor I want a look at it.  Thanks.
127.  Back Street

Small snow scene watercolor with wood and brick buildings, woven
wire fence in foreground, wooden fence in mid picture, power poles
and lines, antennas and chimneys. 5 1/2 by 4 1/2 inches
Naegle Family Collection, used with permission.
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