Stephen Howard Naegle
American Watercolor Artist
The Works of Stephen Naegle - A Catalogue, Page 12
67. Medium Oil Landscape - Naegle

The owner of the Naegle Oil landscape is interested to find so
many folks that have shared images of their Naegles.  It is his
inclination to do the same.  For that we and all that get to see
this work will be forever grateful.

Alluded to in the letter dated 9/25/06.  This is where the
medium size oil landscape will be located.

Yahoo, another Naegle! CN
68. Desert Landscape

This large oil painting shows some low mesas with erosion
and an overview of a desert location.

Used with Permission
Naegle Family Collection, Wyoming
Remembering a great artist and friend
69.  The Cathedral

This half sheet watercolor is of the Cathedral in Helena, Montana.  The owner
describes it as having a vivid sky with blue, orange, and pink colors.  There is a
round window on the exterior and is graced with three spires.  People are coming
out of the cathedral at the end of the service. Private Collection.  First noted on
October 5, 2006.

Sure enough, search on Cathedral in Helena, Montana and you come up with an
actual building.  It is a Catholic church with European Architecture built at the turn
of the last century around 1905.  October 21 Packet arrives from the owner.  The
building is actually named The Saint Helena Cathedral.
70.  Fall Landscape
The Fall scene is a half sheet in size and was done as a classroom
demonstration of watercolor technique.  The owner describes it as
having bright colors which reflect in the water.  Private Collection.  
First noted on October 5, 2006.  Okay, this is one of the most colorful
Naegles of woods and stream I've ever seen.  Posted October 23,
2006.  Thank you Jo.
71.  Cabin in the Woods
I was enthralled to hear of this painting and from the description, it
sounds like it could be a painting already listed in this catalogue
called, Range Cabin, #43 on Page 7.
 No, it is not Range Cabin.  It
is described as having trees on both sides of the cabin but no
mountain range in the background.  Private Collection.  First noted
on October 5, 2006.  
A picture of this painting arrived today from
the owner, it is a cabin in the woods but quite different from Range
Cabin.  This cabin is in a flat area with deep woods all about.
Posted October 23, 2006.  Thanks Jo.

Cabin in the Woods Detail
The Cathedral Detail

The image above was carefully corrected by David Naegle to eliminate
parallax problems when photographing paintings.  The photographer
many times in an attempt to eliminate glare off of the glass will accidently
cause the image to become skewed.  I'm leaving the skewed image up
for comparison.  It's very interesting, the effect on this particular painting
makes it more etheral and whimsical.  Of course we don't know what
Stephen was thinking as he painted this scene, but it's an impressive
work of art.  Thanks Dave.
Copyright 2004 - 2007
All Rights Reserved
Fall Foliage - deskewed

The above image is corrected for skewing which occurs in
photography sometimes to avoid glare.  Compare this to the
above image and you can see the difference.  I had cropped
the first image to eliminate the mat of the painting from the
rectangular photo.  Thanks David it looks great.
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