Stephen Howard Naegle
Watercolor Artist
The Works of Stephen Naegle - A Catalogue, Page 10
56.  Beam's Buick
No image currently of this work.  Following is a
story from Gaell Lindstrom an early college art
instructor of Stephen's.  At the writing, Mr.
Lindstrom is 87 years young.  I say it that way
because talking with him by phone he is sharp
and quick-witted, a real joy to visit with and
very informative conversation with him.  So
based on this conversation we are looking also
for Naegle's Beam's Buick.

(Bruce), "You mentioned you thought you may have seen a watercolor sketch of
mine along with some Naegles.  
While teaching at the College of Southern
Utah in Cedar City,  Steve and I were out looking for interesting subjects.
I think it was in the very, very, small town of Virgin close to Zion Park, that we ran
onto an old Buick sedan which had been, undoubtedly, parked for many years in
the same place. Tires all flat if not decomposing, rust, etc.  

We or I inquired about this choice prop.  We were told that it belonged to
someone in the family of JIM BEAM --the whiskey maker.  They had driven it from
North Carolina or some place in the South and it had broken down about where it
was parked and the owners stayed there.  I don 't think any one of that family is
still there.  
I think we both may have done a painting of it.  If I recall
correctly I titled mine, BEAM'S BUICK.
  I hope I got at least most of this
correct, "  Gaell Lindstrom

(from an email dated:  September 26, 2006)
57.  Pencil Rose
A tiny drawing pencil on paper of a
rose.  While taking a shower the image
came back to me.  From a recent
viewing last winter. No image.
58. 59. And 60.  Rusty Barrel's paintings
While taking the shower in #57, these three paintings came back to me.  What links them
all together in my mind is the recurring theme of the Rusty 55 Gallon Steel Drum or Barrel.  
Of course the barrel's are not the main subjects, but simple items included in the paintings
which were mainly residences, single family dwellings.  So, knowing they exist and hoping
someday to be able to produce an image to go with the here noted watercolors.
 Matter of
fact, I have something to put in here temporarily, that Stephen worked on.
The Kerosene Can
Notice, there is no number on this, because it is a combination work.  During class we were given an
assignment to take something laying around in the classroom and make a composition.  Well, I had so
little watercolor experience, I asked Mr. Naegle to help me figure out what to do in an area of the

Stephen took my brush from my hand and standing over my student desk, hunched over wearing his
kakhi overcoat, tie streaming down, he worked on the area for me.

He got engrossed with what he was doing and asked if I would take his coat.  I stood and he took my
place, with my watercolor board, with my brush, and for thirty minutes he kept at it.  Of course, my
project just became a classroom watercolor demonstration.

By the time he was done showing me how to do it, the painting was finished.  Of course, I'm grinning
from ear to ear, enjoying the fact that I'd been totally upstaged.  The rest of the class, one by one
joined the progress of the painting.

Well, as he stood I asked, "Aren't you going to sign it."  "Oh, no, I can't sign it," he mused, wryly
avoiding me further, he moved on around the classroom checking the other student's work.

I didn't have two thin dimes at the time, and it wasn't until fifteen years later that I had that painting
framed.  It has hung at various spots in the house, but for the last ten years in the boy's bedrooms, it's
a bit rustic.  Okay, maybe it'll hold the place for the barrel paintings mentioned above.  Thanks for
bearing with me on this story, Bruce
The Kerosene Can
Unsigned original watercolor, done as a classroom assignment.  
Drawing and basic washes by Bruce Dickey.  Final efforts of the
painting are by my art instructor, Mr. Stephen Naegle, as he
turned my assignment into a classroom demo.
Remembering a great artist and friend
I toyed with antiquing an old photo of a twenties Buick.  The painting I remember
was a dead on front view.  The car was lacking any paint with nothing but rusty
metal showing.  Apparently the wheels were all flat or rusted away as it appeared to
be, chassis on the ground.  Weeds were high as I recall.
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