Stephen Howard Naegle
American Watercolor Artist
Remembering a great artist and friend
During my research, I've now heard of the existance of a booklet
about Stephen Naegle.
 This being the second time of hearing about it,
it is duly noted.  That is the total knowledge I have regarding it, but I will
conjecture a bit.

Talking this October 5, 2006 with a former student, mention comes again
of this booklet.  Due to the brevity of the conversation, information about it
stopped as well.  This person alluded to a sale of Naegle works some time
after he passed away.

It's a pure guess, this may be a catalog of the works for sale handed out
for the purpose of informing buyers regarding the works and pricing?  
Really, I have no way of knowing what it contains and am waiting for the
explanation as well.

Thank you for your interest in the Works of Stephen Naegle, American
Watercolor Artist and Instructor.  Stephen became affiliated with, and was
a member of the American Watercolor Society in 1978.
Just as a note to myself:
Other publications which include Stephen are Albuquerque Newspaper Clipping
with the Range Cabin Painting, Master's of Western Art Book by Mary Carol
Nelson, several works in there, plus an American Watercolor Society Show
Brochure, and finally, The Booklet on this page.
October 12, 2006 Finding is a great place to find out-of-print books, such as Masters of
Western Art.  I notice the price is going up lately since I've purchased so many of
them.  So I searched on just the name of Stephen Naegle.  The search engine
came back with a match.  It showed a book titled,
Stephen Naegle, Author,
Stephen Naegle, Publisher Nicolaysen Art Museum (1988),
English, ASIN:  
B00071XFGS, Sales Rank:  None
I think this is the mysterious Naegle Booklet.  This is the second time viewing
the information on Amazon.  The first time I didn't know what to make of it.  By
searching the internet, it turns out to be a museum is in Stephen's hometown of
Casper, Wyoming.  The ladies there were friendly and took my number to let me
know if they could find a book to sell me or, at the same time, find any of Stephen's
art work in the museum's permanent collection.  Carol said, give me a week.  
Stephen Naegle Booklet
Published by the Nicolaysen Art Museum
Casper, Wyoming
Stephen Naegle - NAM Booklet
Contains an Essay by Mary Carroll Nelson
Today, October 21, 2006 an envelope full of info came from a former student.  It
was a downright cornucopia of Stephen Naegle works in the form of a booklet
printed in 1988 by the Nicolaysen Art Museum.
Finally, in my hands I see the works of Mr. Naegle up close and personal, so
thoughtfully researched and written.  Apparently the booklet was prepared to
educate and remember this great artist.  Mary Nelson had included Stephen in
her book Masters of Western Art published in 1982.  I'm so thankful for the
foresight of many others in the preparation and production of this art booklet
they called a catalog.  It's very similar in purpose to this very website, to
remember the artist and publish his works for the masses to see.  There is a
thank you page to a local business, the Provident Federal Savings in Loan for
funding support in the publication of the catalog.  There are twenty-two works by
the artist and a portrait of Stephen by another artist.
Stephen Naegle, published by the Nicolaysen Art Museum in 1988
with a foreword by J. M. Neil, Director of the Museum.
The booklet features an Essay by Mary Carroll Nelson containing both
biographical and art commentary.  At the back is a biographical summary.
Copyright 2004 - 2007
All Rights Reserved

Detail of Stephen Naegle Charcoal
by Thomas Loepp, 1977
Used with Permission, October 26, 2006
Portrait of Stephen Naegle

Included on the booklet page with the essay is a charcoal portrait of  
Stephen Naegle, by Thomas Loepp, 1977, charcoal, 191/2" x 14".

Mr. Loepp went on to do many major portraits, one of United
States Supreme Court Chief Justice Rhenquist.

You may visit Mr. Thomas Loepp's Website at this link.
A list of works in the Stehpen Naegle,
Nicolaysen Art Museum, booklet:

Thicket - 1

Bear Grass

Untitled Drawing / barn and fencing


Moth / Study

Beet Digger

Ore Carts


Riverton Workshop

Norris Feed

Medicine Bow Station

Autumn Mood




Untitled Portrait, black woman

Platte River Ranch

Mining Town

Poppies and Daisies

Frieze II

Untitled sculpture, dark metal horse

White River

Mushroom Log
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