Remembering a great artist and friend
Stephen Howard Naegle
American Watercolor Artist, 1938-1981
Left:  Stephen in the sun
porch relaxing.  1972
Fayetteville, Arkansas.  
Stephen Naegle was a wonderful watercolor painter.  He was my instructor during the 1970's at Arkansas
Polytechnic College in Russellville, Arkansas.  He moved away, first to Fayetteville, Arkansas, living on Skyline
Drive.  He lived there only for the summer teaching job he'd lined up, then to Utah for a while, and later to
Casper College in Casper, Wyoming.

In Casper he continued teaching art, drawing, watercolor, oil and set up a foundry at the college to cast bronze
sculpture.  I had a great time with this guy, and he was truly a talented individual.  This is my attempt to
remember this gifted instructor and friend.  
His life ended tragically in an auto accident in Wyoming but
his legacy lives on.
 The college continues to offer the Stephen Naegle Memorial Scholarship in his honor.  
His family lives in the area still.

Steve earned his way through school and at one time he was a cook in a restaurant.  One night we stayed up
late, ate out at a restaurant in town, dreamed about our individual futures, and fell asleep at his apartment.  
The next morning about ten we roused and Stephen cooked breakfast.  I'd never eaten at his house before nor
had I enjoyed what he called a Western omelet.  It was great, and boy was I stuffed.  
Steve was as good a
cook as he was an artist.
 More later... this is only the beginning...  Bruce Dickey  Russellville, Arkansas
The Cowshed
14" by 20" watercolor
Midsummer Shadows
14" by 20" watercolor
Both paintings above featured on a brochure of The
American Watercolor Society.  The brochure
announced a show and sale of Stephen's watercolor
Link to the Casper College Stephen Naegle Memorial Art Scholarship
Stephen Naegle was a member of the American Watercolor Society
earning the right to put AWS after his signature on his paintings.  
Mary Carroll Nelson authored a book commemorating the genius
artwork of twelve contemporary master painters.

Masters of Western Art was published in 1982 and in it's
Foreword, Stephen is remembered in a short paragraph as the
author, Mary Carroll Nelson, dedicates the volume to his memory.

"On June 16, 1981, I was stunned and saddened to receive a phone
call from Casper, Wyoming, telling me that
Steve was in a fatal car
that morning on his way back from a family reunion."
His Legacy Lives On
What's New?
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However, I did want to announce something really special that came in the mail
today.  A former student sent a copy of the Naegle Booklet and it is wonderful.  
So check what's new under
What's New  and under the Naegle Booklet.  Many
thank-you's to the former student who sent it today, October 21, 2006.
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Casper College, Casper Wyoming

Legacy - something of value coming from an ancestor or
Stephen leaves us all, his art.

His gift of beautiful paintings and his love of the visual experience
is handed down to us, and beyond us, into the future.

Bruce Dickey
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Quote from a clipping sent by Ray Kowrach,
August 2007.  From the 63rd Annual Edition
Art Insert, Casper Star-Tribune, Wyoming
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