Stephen Howard Naegle
American Watercolor Artist
The Works of Stephen Naegle - Newspaper Clipping on
1964 New York World's Fair Entries
Carol Smith posted an entry on the
website in 2005.  Although I replied to the email
address, she never got it.  So, checking back there a
year later she sees posts by me about Stephen
Naegle and his artwork.

Finally, we communicate and she agrees to share
her paintingThe Mill that she acquired from Stephen
while working at the Sandia Army Base in
Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1964.  To the left is a
miniature version of that clipping.  I typed it up and
will post it below.

Carol gets a wonderful suprise when she is having
The Mill reframed.  She actually owns a second
painting which was painted on the reverse side of
The Mill.  You can see the pages related to that by
following the links at the bottom of the page.  Thank
you Carol for your gift to all who see these works.  BD
Young Artist Will Exhibit Watercolor in New York

Albuquerque, N. M., April 11, 1964

Stephen H. Naegle, young Albuquerque artist, will have a watercolor on exhibit in New York for
the World's fair.  His
Range Cabin won first prize in Representational Watercolors and also the
Purchase Award at the current exhibit of the New Mexico Art League at the Civic Auditorium.

Another watercolor,
The Mill, showing an old mine shaft at Madrid, will be exhibited first at Lever
House, New York City, from April 28 until May 10.  The exhibit is sponsored by the Council for the
American Artists Society of which the local league is a member.  The exhibition opens with a
Private Reception on April 27.

From Lever House, 390 Park Avenue, New York,
the paintings will go to the House of Good
Taste at the World's Fair.
 Mr. Naegle now has a one man show at the Fox Winrock Theater at
Winrock Shopping Center.  The exhibition is open to the public from 10 a.m. to closing time at the
Now a Private First Class at Sandia Army Base, he has been in the Army 14 months.  
He is a
draftsman now at the base.
 He studied a Utah State University, Logan, Utah and has most of
his Senior Year completed He will receive his military discharge in December and plans to return
to college.

Mr. Naegle said he would like to return to Albuquerque after completing college work.  
His wife is
a commercial artist at Studio One.
 Born at Toquerville, Utah near Cedar City, he started
painting before high school.  However, he waited until his work reached a certain level before
offering paintings for sale.

Some of his work has been
purchased by Malcolm E. Collier, President of the First Federal
Savings and Loan Association in Denver.  Mr. Naegle said that he is especially interested in
watercolor painting but works in oil too.  He paints on the scene as much as possible, but also
sketches from memory.

A. Mullin, President of the New Mexico Art League has been in charge of details of the World's
Fair Exhibition.  She said the watercolor must be in New York City by April 18.  It will be sent by air.

Titles to the Photos

For World's Fair:
This Watercolor of The Mill by Stephen H. Naegle, Albuquerque has been
selected by the New Mexico Art League for exhibition in New York City as a World's Fair Entry
under the auspices of the Council of American Artists Society.  (Watercolor painting is The Mill)

Wins Purchase Prize: Stephen H. Naegle, Albuquerque artist, poses with his watercolor Range
Cabin which won the Purchase Prize at the New Mexico Art League show in the Civic Auditorium.  
It also received First Place for Representational Watercolors.  (Staff Photos by Andy Gregg)
Naegle poses beside the Range Cabin adorned of course with the Blue Ribbon.
Remembering a great artist and friend
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