Remembering a great artist and friend
Stephen Howard Naegle
Watercolor Artist
Stephen Stories
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Stephen Stories

Please share a story from your interaction with the artist.  I have a
number of stories, which I've shared on other pages in this website.  
I'll pull those in here eventually to be included with your stories of

Many of the people who respond may own valuable works of art, that
is the reason for anonymity as to location in these stories.  It's the
same reason when posting a painting you see:  Private Collection
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1.  How I Got My Naegle, The Mine
by Carol Hause Smith, Oct. 3, 2006

I was a civilian employee at Sandia Army Base at Albuquerque,
New Mexico in 1962.  
Stephen would come in my office
every now and then and one day he asked me if he could
borrow some money.  I don't remember the amount, small I'm
sure, probably, as privates around pay day had little left.  He
said he wanted to get some paint or paper or something.

He was always polite and I trusted he would pay it back.
Several weeks later, he came again with the same request and
so I gave him another small amount.  This happened several
times with no repayment of course. Then he came in with a
painting under his arm and said, "I put this up for sale and no
one wants it.  I will never have the money to repay you, so
would you please take this instead?"  That is how I came to be
the owner of
The Mine painting.  

Several weeks later he came in and said
he wanted it back
as he had entered The Mine in a contest and it won
.  He
said it would be returned when he got it back.  It was returned
after being
exhibited at the World's Fair in New York and it
hung in my living room until the early 80's.

The frame had a slight scratch and I wanted it framed nicely so
I took it to C. D. Hancock to be framed.  She found the painting
on the back and called me right away to the gallery.  She then
framed it to protect
The Wash Line.  It is now professionally,
museum framed.   
Carol Hause Smith
      Future Naegle Stories

Okay, before I forget these stories I wanted
to record them here at some future time.  If
you'd like to hear these stories, email me
and I'll email them to you.  Of course, I have
to write it up and so your email will serve two
purposes.  Just say, tell me the story about:

  1. The Electrolux Raku
  2. The Duck Hunt and the Shotgun
  3. Western Omelets by the Master
  4. Petroglyph Guide
  5. The Butterfly Story
  6. The Saddle Story
Invitation to those who knew Stephen Naegle best.
I've shared a few positive stories about Stephen scattered through these
pages.  Below are a few more I'd like to share when time permits.  Carol Smith
sent one last week about how she acquired her Naegle, The Mine.  So here is
your personal invitation to share a positive story about the man of the hour Mr.
Stephen Howard Naegle, Artist Extraordinaire.
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