Dickey Guitars
In the handmade tradition. One at a time.  Just for you.
There is something very special about favorite things.  Favorite restaurant, favorite
movie, favorite place, favorite game and yes,
your favorite guitar.   

Something as personal, as your favorite guitar, means it has unique character and a
magic that may defy explanation.  I'd like you to try one of my hand-made guitars. I
build them with care, purpose, and determination that it will be good enough to be
someone's favorite guitar.

It can happen, you can own one of my hand-made,
full of tone, quality, and character,
. Give it some thought and give me a call to build a guitar for you, that might
just fit in your list of favorites.  Something I learned recently:  There are people who
have many favorite guitars and like them for different reasons.

Bruce Dickey
Dickey Guitars, 1815 Skyline Dr., Russellville, Arkansas  72802
Phone:  479 970-0077

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